What is the Amillennialism view point?

According to Amillennialism, the millennium is the spiritual reign of jesus in the hearts of his followers. The 1st ressurrection in (Revelation 20:5) is not a physical resurrection from the dead but rather a spiritual one.  This will also be known as regeneration.

Santan power on Earth has been restrained by  Christs death and resurrection on the cross (Revelation 20:1-3). God’s kingdom will expand and during this time (the millennium) the persecution of Christians will take place until Christ returns.

When Christ returns, the powers of ALL evil will be wiped out and he will resurrect the dead.  The final judgement will take place and both the saved and unsaved will be sent to their eternal destinations.

How does an Amillennialist view the events of the final days?

1. The great tribulation represents disasters, wars, and persecutions that have occurred throughout church history.

2. When talking about Israel in the book of  Revelation, the references made are symbolic references.  These references are to the people of God on earth at the time. (Romans 9:6-8) (Galatians 6:16).

3. You also see a lot of symbolism in numbers in Revelation.Numbers represent concepts.  Six for exaple, symbolizes incompleteness.  Seven represents completeness, 10 represents something that is extreme but limited.  Twelve represents the perfection of God’s people, and 1,000 symbolizes a great amount or long period of time.

Here are some scriptures that support Amillenniaism.

  • Here are some examples of scriptures which seem to support the Amillennial view.
  • 1,000 is used figuratively to describe long periods of time. (Psalm 50:10) (Psalm 90:4) (Psalm 105:8) (Peter 3:8).
  • They believe that the 1st resurrection (Revelation 20:4) could refer to the spiritual resurrection (the regeneration or new birth) of persons who trust in Christ.  (Romans 11:13-15) (Ephesians 2:1-4)
  • The 2nd coming of Christ and the resurrection of the dead will occur at the same time. (Daniel 12:2-3) (John 5:28-29).

John Calvin and Martin Luther both were Amillennial.

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