End Times

Have you ever heard people say “It’s the sign of the times.”? Just look at how the world is today and one can think that the coming of our Lord is close at hand. We don’t know when he is coming for sure but one thing we do know is that He IS coming. After Christ ascended into Heaven, many different viewpoints tried to sort out when Christ was coming back. You look today and watch TV you will see so many different view points that it will make your head spin.

Isa. 45:17 states But Israel shall be saved in the LORD with an everlasting salvation: ye shall not be ashamed nor confounded world without end.

Eph. 3:21 states Unto him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end. Amen.

When you read the scripture, it tells us that the World will NEVER end. If we look back at Noah, God told Noah that he was going to destroy the World (Genesis 6:13). We know that for a period of time, the Earth was flooded with Water (Genesis 6:17) (2 Peter 2:5) (Psalm 107:25-30). God took Moses and his Family and sealed them in the Arc that God gold Moses to build (Genesis 6:14-18). God provided them safety for Moses and his family and all of the animals on the ark.

When God is talking about the End of the World, he is not talking about the Earth coming to an End. Rather, he is talking about how the way things are. Our system of living, death, violence, hatred, murder, ALL SIN as we know it. He promises to create a new Earth and our relationship with him will be restored. There will be no death and all will be good again like it was in the beginning. Will we fall again? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! It is the Lords Promise.

(1 Peter 1:18-19) For you must realize that you have been ransomed from the futile way of living passed on to you by your traditions, but not by any money payment of this passing world. No, the price was, in fact, the life blood of Christ, the unblemished and unstained lamb of sacrifice. We have been redeemed (1 Cor 7:23).

When scripture talks about the end times, it is referring to the end of Satan’s rule and the beginning of Christ’s rule.

When did Satan’s rule begin? It began in the Garden of Eden. His lie spit out from his mouth while Adam & Eve chose to believe his lie rather than the truth of God (Genesis 3:1-4). Satan said that you “Shall not surely die to Eve”. Yet when we look at what the Lord said in (Genesis 2:16-17). The Lord clearly said to Adam that “You will surely die” if you eat from the tree of Knowledge. Satan has been a liar from very beginning and he abodes NOT in the truth (John 8:44).

Adam & Eve listened to Satan rather than God. They liked what Satan had to say more than God did. God knew what was better for them and he also knew what the massive consequences would be if they disobeyed him. Man chose a life separate from God. They have sinned against him and were not even repentant. The Devils lies were much more appealing to them. It is because of this very selfish Act from Adam & Eve that we have sin in the world. We have inherited Adams sin nature. From conception we are sinful because of the very nature passed down to us from Adam (Romans 5:12).

How long would Satan rule? How long will he have a strong hold on us and maintain authority over all while on this Earth? His time did not last too long. His rule has ended. It ended when Jesus died on the cross Christs blood was shed on the cross. His death paid our debt to God and Christ died in our place. His death set us free from sin thus ending Satan’s rule. It is at his death on the cross that the End Times began. Although Satan’s rule was defeated at the cross, and we are no longer in bondage to sin, his defeat has not been finalized. The book of revelation will go into this with PERFECT detail.

Today, people who choose Christs truth over Satan’s lies, will be spared the eternal separation from God on the day of judgement (Matthew 13:40).

The “end times” as it is presented in scripture, refers to the end of Satan’s rule and the beginning of the rule of God. We must remember also, for a time, God himself allowed Satan’s rule.

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