Why is Good Friday called Good Friday?

By Andy Arvai

Why is Good Friday called Good Friday?
A man dyeing on a cross in horrible pain being left alone to die hardly sounds like ANYTHING good. For mankind however, it is the greatest thing we can have happen to us, FOR THOSE WHO TRUST IN CHRST. In Old Testament times, before the Christ came, Jews were instructed to have their High Priest enter the tabernacle and proceed to a room called the HOLY OF HOLY’S.
In this room, an animal (a perfect animal) was to be sacrificed and blood was to be spilt as a reminder to us of Gods warning to Adam and Eve in the Garden, The wages of sin is DEATH(eternal separation from God). He told Adam and Eve, who ate from the tree for which they were forbidden to eat from, that they would surly die if they did so. Well they DID. Adam and eve tried to hide their nakedness by covering themselves with fig leaves.

Living naked from the time God created them, they never realized they were naked until they ate from the Tree of Knowledge. After eating from this tree, they now KNEW of their nakedness and were ashamed. They realized they had sinned against God. To cover-up what they had done, instead of asking for forgiveness they tried to cover themselves up. God knew what they had done of course and as a result, he killed an animal (the 1st official physical death) and used the skin to cover their nakedness. You see, they were EXPOSED. There shame was out in the open now. This coving of their nakedness is the reason for the animal skin. An innocent creature had to die. Blood had to be spilled as payment to cover them.
This was a foreshadowing to the ultimate sacrifice. Christ dyeing on the cross. A similar thing occurred with Abraham and his son. When God asked him to sacrifice his son for him, Abraham complied. He knew somehow that God will still protect his son somehow. Perhaps resurrect him or stop him somehow. In other words, HE TRUSTED GOD. God indeed stopped him and had him place an animal on the Alter he had built to take his sons place. Blood was spilt yet again in place of ours. An innocent animal had to die. Yet another foreshadowing to our messiah. The Jews celebrate something called the Day of atonement.

A day in which the high priest enters the temple’s room called the Holy of Holy’s. It is there where, on this one day out of the year only he can enter and he is to sacrifice a perfect animal. To shed its blood for the sin of the people. The animal is to TAKE OUR PLACE and die for our sins. The Priest takes his hands and places it on the animal and all our sins are transferred to the animal. Of course, this was only temporary and would be replaced someday by GOD himself. The bible says behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.
Jesus died and took the punishment of sin on himself so we may have eternal life with the father. So why is it called Good Friday? It is good because God himself made the Ultimate sacrifice. His perfect son on the cross to take our place for the wages of sin. It is good because it represents that all the work that Jesus did was finished. We now have a doorway to the father that comes only through the death and resurrection of Jesus. Today, HOPE WAS BORN for us and the relationship between God and man was restored. This is why it was called Good Friday.

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